What is the purpose of the Cornerstone Church Nashville?

By | February 16, 2016

The Purpose of the Cornerstone Church?

Cornerstone Church Nashville

The Cornerstone Church in Nashville has gained a good reputation for transforming people’s lives. The church was established right here in Nashville, in the northeast corner on Old Hickory Blvd. off Exit 92 in North Nashville, Tennessee. The church has many activities, both inside and outside. People from all different places come to this warm and welcoming church.

The church has been providing services for over 25 years. And since its doors first opened, people could feel the love. There isn’t any discrimination against religion, sex, race, or economic background. Everyone is welcome to the Cornerstone Church. All people are treated equally and given the same love. If you attend this inviting church, you’ll learn about God and his love for all creatures, even how to show love to those who have done you wrong.

What Is Preached at the Cornerstone Church?

The only thing that is taught at the church is love. No matter if someone is a homosexual, a murderer, or a sinner, the church teaches them love and how to give love. God loves even those who sin. Just give love and you will receive love.

Establishments of the Cornerstone Church

The Cornerstone Church was established in 1983 on a 21-acre campground. The worship service was conducted in the newly purchased building in July of 1983. The church committee invited Maury Davis to the church in 1991. It was then that Maury Davis began giving speeches at the church. And soon after, he became so popular that he had over 250 attendees. He became the pastor of the Cornerstone Church in Nashville on January 30, 1991.

Establishment of the Family Center

Soon after Maury Davis became the pastor at Cornerstone Church he began making improvements. Although the improvements were slow, he worked hard and made many. He added the family center, which had a gym and a family gathering area that was welcomed attendees.

Food Services at the Cornerstone Church in Nashville

Pastor Davis began making improvements, including the food and coffee area, which attracted many people to the church. Children especially loved the Cornerstone Church campus as it provided both indoor and outdoor facilities for children of all ages.

Rooms at the Cornerstone Church

Many rooms were built on the Cornerstone Church campus, such as the meeting room, auditorium, dressing rooms, and so on. To easily and conveniently get to these places, elevators and escalators were added in 2015, making it easy for mothers and seniors to get around the church. Now, you can find a fully updated student center, along with state of the art lighting and much more. The Cornerstone Church has certainly come a long way, thanks to hardworking Pastor Davis and the dedicated church committee.


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