The Health Benefits of Attending Church

By | July 26, 2016

Here at Cornerstone Church in Nashville, we know there are many great benefits of attending church on a regular basis.  But did you know there are some health benefits too?  The most obvious one that comes to mind is the spiritual and psychological health.  But there are many more.  You heard that right, attending church has health benefits for you and your family, such as:

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Guidance through Social Support

Going to church on a regular basis gives you a sense of community.  You will immediately gain a second family that will help you handle life’s problems.  Friends from church will be by your side through thick and thin and will pray for you when things aren’t going well.  This sense of belonging makes you feel good inside and gives you hope in life.

Good Influences in Life

Having friends at church will not only help you through difficult times but will provide you with good influences.  They are the best people to know and will be your best support system when things get rough.  Being around this type of people can help you lead a more sedentary life and stay away from bad influences and bad choices.

It Promotes Accountability

Making church a regular thing will give you a sense of a routine that you will then incorporate into every aspect of your life.  It will help you be accountable for everything you do.

It Teaches Discipline

Going to church on a regular basis gives you a strong sense of community and makes you more disciplined in life.  This discipline you learn can be transferred to other aspects of your life, which will then help you make more positive choices.

It Teaches Good Manners

Attending church on a regular basis will teach you good morals and good manners.  The aim of church is to provide attendees with good manners by teaching them how God lived.  You will learn things like personal ethics, integrity, respect, and self-control.

You Will Learn Acceptance

Attending church will make you a part of the community, which will teach you how to accept others.  The church is a huge family who welcomes everyone with open arms.  Attending church and praying will also make you feel spiritually accepted by God.

It Promotes Self-Growth

Going to church regularly will promote individual self-growth because it allows you to reflect on your life and your actions.  Church encourages you to grow and to teach others how to grow too.

It Makes You More Charitable

Attending church will make you selfless and more charitable.  Places of worship promote goodwill from a variety of events such as volunteering and helping the community.  Churches are all about helping others, something you’ll learn when you attend.

It Reduces Stress

The number one health benefit from attending church is immediate stress relief.  All the negative energy inside of you will vanish into thin air when you attend church.  After spending time in church, you’ll feel more confident and lighter because you know that God is by your side to take care of your problems.

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