Simple & Effective Ways to Make Friends at Church

By | March 9, 2016

Are you looking to make more friends at church? If you’re new to the area and want to enlarge your social circle, church can provide you a magnificent way to make new friends. Friendships from those who go to the same church can prove to be the best friendships of all. They also provide examples of lives that are lived according to the principles and beliefs of God. Making friends at church will require you to open up and do a few simple things, but it’s really rather simple—and very rewarding. Just attend every function your schedule allows, wear a smile, get to know everyone, and help out as much as you can. We assure you that soon enough, you’ll have plenty of friends to welcome you at church each week.

Here are simple ways to make friends at your local church.

  1. Try to attend as many functions as you can.

While your schedule might not allow you to go to all the services and events, try to attend as many as you can. The people who attend these functions are some of the friendliest people around, just like you. And they are also eager to make new friends, just like you. Seeing them on a regular basis will make you a familiar face. Furthermore, attending multiple services and events will make you known around church, which will make it easier for people to come up and talk to you.

  1. Become friends with the leadership.

Sometimes churches are filled with a lot of people, which can make it a little overwhelming for a shy and reserved person. And this is why it’s so important to become friends with the leadership. They are the nicest people and will be warm and welcoming with you. They are the perfect people for you to get to know, so don’t be afraid to go up and introduce yourself. The church leader can become your confidant, especially if you’re going through a difficult time. And furthermore, they can introduce you to others and help you make friends at church. Of course you shouldn’t limit your efforts to the leadership, you want to be nice to everyone you encounter. There are plenty of smiling faces and loving hearts who would love to become your friends.

  1. Always offer to help.

The leader of your church can point you in the direction and lead you to where helping hands are needed. Start getting to church early so you can help set up chairs and help with anything else that is needed. And if you can stay afterwards, lend a hand in cleaning up. This also sends the message that you’re a helpful person with a big heart. In addition, it puts you in contact with more people, increasing your chances of striking up conversation and becoming friends with them. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to anyone at church—the church is full of friendly people who will be very welcoming to you.

Don’t worry if you don’t have too many friends at church today. If you follow this helpful advice and wear a warm and friendly smile on your face, your life will soon be filled with friendships at your place of worship. And rest assured, these friends will enrich your life and help you during difficult times.

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