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Cornerstone Church in Nashville Teaches You How to Grow Spiritually

cornerstone churchIf at your last work review your employer would have asked you if you met all the expectations, including personal and performance, what would you have said?  If you would have come up short, you could have lost your job.  Fortunately for you, God isn’t going to fire you, but he does expect you to grow spiritually.  Your goal should be to grow close to God.

Spiritual growth comes from developing discipline, which is very hard to do in today’s fast-paced world.  Fortunately for you, the Cornerstone Church in Nashville will teach you some simple yet effective ways to obtain spiritual growth.

  1. You Must Want Change

It might sound silly, but the most important step towards your spiritual growth is your own desire to grow.  Classes, lectures, spiritual gurus, and inspirational books aren’t going to do a thing if you don’t want it yourself.  Spiritual growth isn’t just a goal, it’s a lifelong journey that requires you to devote energy and dedication.  If you are just looking for a quick fix, forget it.  A spiritual connection with God takes a lot more than that.

  1. Make It a Commitment

God created us as individual people capable of accomplishing his plan.  If you want to grow spiritually, you need to make a commitment and follow through with your commitment.  This will require you to spend time with God every day, even if your life is jam packed with things.  Clear time on your calendar to spend time with God because this will be essential for your spiritual growth.

  1. Start Small

There are many ways to grow spiritually, and information is readily available online.  But if you really want to grow, start small.  Begin with meditation or prayer, or you could start attending your local church.  Once you’re comfortable with your new routine, you can then add to it and grow little by little.

  1. Discover New Things

One of the best things about life is learning new things.  If you don’t ever try anything new, you’ll stay stagnant.  Whether it be taking poetry classes, practicing yoga, or joining a Bible lecture at your church, do something you’re curious or passionate about.  Enjoy the process of learning and improving, as it will give you spiritual growth.

  1. Live in the Word

If you want to know more about God, then you need to learn more about him.  And the only way you’re going to do this is by following his word.  You need to study the messages and make it a habit to incorporate them into your life.  God has given you the Bible to enable you to grow spiritually.

  1. Pray in Faith

If you want to grow spiritually, try to pray in faith.  Prayers based on faith are likely to be answered.

  1. Have Fun with Like-minded People

Learning about God is a great experience, and it’s one you don’t have to do alone.  If you want to learn more about God, develop friendships with people who also want to learn more about him.  Fellowship experiences are wonderful and will help you grow spiritually.


The Health Benefits of Attending Church

Here at Cornerstone Church in Nashville, we know there are many great benefits of attending church on a regular basis.  But did you know there are some health benefits too?  The most obvious one that comes to mind is the spiritual and psychological health.  But there are many more.  You heard that right, attending church has health benefits for you and your family, such as:

cornerstone church

Guidance through Social Support

Going to church on a regular basis gives you a sense of community.  You will immediately gain a second family that will help you handle life’s problems.  Friends from church will be by your side through thick and thin and will pray for you when things aren’t going well.  This sense of belonging makes you feel good inside and gives you hope in life.

Good Influences in Life

Having friends at church will not only help you through difficult times but will provide you with good influences.  They are the best people to know and will be your best support system when things get rough.  Being around this type of people can help you lead a more sedentary life and stay away from bad influences and bad choices.

It Promotes Accountability

Making church a regular thing will give you a sense of a routine that you will then incorporate into every aspect of your life.  It will help you be accountable for everything you do.

It Teaches Discipline

Going to church on a regular basis gives you a strong sense of community and makes you more disciplined in life.  This discipline you learn can be transferred to other aspects of your life, which will then help you make more positive choices.

It Teaches Good Manners

Attending church on a regular basis will teach you good morals and good manners.  The aim of church is to provide attendees with good manners by teaching them how God lived.  You will learn things like personal ethics, integrity, respect, and self-control.

You Will Learn Acceptance

Attending church will make you a part of the community, which will teach you how to accept others.  The church is a huge family who welcomes everyone with open arms.  Attending church and praying will also make you feel spiritually accepted by God.

It Promotes Self-Growth

Going to church regularly will promote individual self-growth because it allows you to reflect on your life and your actions.  Church encourages you to grow and to teach others how to grow too.

It Makes You More Charitable

Attending church will make you selfless and more charitable.  Places of worship promote goodwill from a variety of events such as volunteering and helping the community.  Churches are all about helping others, something you’ll learn when you attend.

It Reduces Stress

The number one health benefit from attending church is immediate stress relief.  All the negative energy inside of you will vanish into thin air when you attend church.  After spending time in church, you’ll feel more confident and lighter because you know that God is by your side to take care of your problems.

The Perks of Attending Church

Germantown, PA cash home buyerAttending church is the most important thing you can do as a religious believer.  However, many people who consider themselves to be religious do not spend enough time at their church.  It is no secret that there has been a decreased number of people attending church lately.  The main reason is because people are very busy nowadays.  People spend the majority of their time working and handling everyday responsibilities throughout the week.  And when the weekend finally arrives, all they want to do is relax and spend time with their families.

Many people spend their Sundays lounging around and believe all it takes is praying at home; therefore, they end up skipping church.  For many, church feels like an obligation.  But what they don’t know is that attending church has many perks.  Studies have shown that families that attend church regularly are stronger than those who don’t.

Attending church regularly has many perks for you and your family.  So if you were thinking about skipping church this Sunday, we’ll show you why you need to make it a point to go to church every week.  With that in mind, here are the top perks of attending a good church, like the Cornerstone Church.

You Experience a Great Community

One of the great things about attending church regularly is that you have the opportunity to involve yourself with your community.  For most people, their church is a place to mingle with local friends and catch up on the week’s events.  Not only is a great place to pray, but it’s an excellent opportunity socialize within the community.  Many people who attend church regularly create good friendships there and look forward to coming every Sunday.  Therefore, attending church will foster a sense of community as you participate in activities like:

  • Group Bible studies
  • Focus groups for the youth
  • Music rehearsals
  • Community events

These things help friendships and relationships develop.  Having a great support system can be beneficial for your life, especially if you’re going through a difficult time or need some extra encouragement if you’re facing a challenging situation.

Families who attend church together are likely to spend more time together outside of church.  Why?  Because they have a strong sense of family.

It Guides Children to a Good Path

Children who attend church regularly are less likely to get involved in criminal activities or engage in bad behaviors.  This is because church encourages positive behaviors, not negative ones.  A good church will guide children in the right direction and give them the inspiration and skills they need to be good people.  Kids have a tendency of wanting to fit in, which is why having a great community to fit into is priceless.

When a family attends church on a regular basis, they’re more likely to get into a good routine.  This routine can be beneficial in many aspects of life.  While you obviously don’t need to have every second of your life planned out, it can help to have a routine in order to stay organized and to ensure you accomplish goals in life.  Another bonus of having a routine is that it keeps children busy.  Kids love having routines because it helps them thrive.  Many behavioral problems can be tracked back to a lack of daily routines.  Everyone benefits from having routines, so you should encourage attending church as a family as part of your weekend routine.

It Teaches Compassion

Many churches, like ours here at the Cornerstone Church, are involved in community outreach and charity programs that you and your children can also become a part of.  This can be a great way for you to teach your children compassion.  It is no secret that many people lack compassion nowadays, and it’s certainly something you want your children to have.  Teaching them how to be compassionate can make a huge difference in their lives and in the world.

You Hear the True Words of God

Great churches, like Cornerstone Church, speak nothing but the word of God.  It’s in our DNA to do so.  Attending church regularly will give you the benefit of hearing the true words of God.  You will learn everything about God and how he walked on earth.  You will learn how he spoke the truth and changed the world.  Attending church regularly will make you a more loving person as you hear how God loved everyone, including his enemies.

Your Family Reaps Life-Changing Blessings

When it comes to attending church, the best benefit you and your family will receive are life-changing blessings straight from God.  The blessings will go on and on and create a ripple effect.  Those who believe first will immediately tell family members and make them believers too.  This is why you and your family need to attend church regularly and get excited to do so.  You need to receive the word of God in your heart and spread the love to others around you.

The greatest benefit of attending church on a regular basis is to experience the love the Lord brings you.  Just as you love your children, God loves you and wants you and your family to come to church.  Of course, spending your Sundays lounging around doing nothing might be relaxing, but a better option is to come see God and listen to the things he has to say.  We are waiting for you and your family at the Cornerstone Church and hope to see you this Sunday!