Cornerstone Church Nashville

Cornerstone Church Nashville

The Cornerstone Church was given its name because people worship the stone neglected by others. The Cornerstone Church is one of the most popular churches in the world. Similar to other churches, the Cornerstone Church in Nashville conducts many events. And no matter what type of event it’s holding, the speeches are centered on the Bible and the word of God. The speeches are messages and prayers in the English language. However, it can also be explained in other languages as per the request of attendees. The Bible is also translated in other languages, helping people from other countries understand what is being said. The Senior Pastor, Maury Davis, has recently celebrated his 25th anniversary in the church. People from all different places came to congratulate Pastor Maury Davis on his anniversary.

Services Offered at the Cornerstone Church

Several services are being offered at the Cornerstone Church in Nashville. The church has food, coffee, and a children’s playground area to be enjoyed. Sunday night services are offered for people who want to experience the word of God. The services take participants who want to get involved in the holy atmosphere and perform worship. This type of holy service helps people pray and welcome the Holy Spirit.

Why Has the Cornerstone Church Become So Popular?

The Cornerstone Church has become popular in recent years. First and foremost, because of its special guests that come from different parts of the world. There have even been politicians who have given speeches at the popular church. Speakers shared personal stories and miracles that happened in their lives. They explained to the attendees how God changed them to become the person that they are today and gave inspiration to listeners.

There are large get togethers at the church, which offer educational ministries for people of all ages. The church also takes into consideration the children and provides childcare options for attendees through the Cornerstone Church Christian Preschool.

One can even enjoy the bowling league, as well as join the motorcycle club, which makes people want to come to the church. Many celebrations have taken place at the Cornerstone Church, with some of the most beautiful services on Christmas and Good Friday, but not limited to these holidays.

The Success of the Cornerstone Church

The Cornerstone Church in Nashville has become a great inspiration and a milestone for other churches around the world. It has gained a solid reputation, for nearly 25 years. The years are not important, but what’s important is that people are taking notice and interest in the church. The success of the Cornerstone Church in Nashville is because of the Senior Pastor, Maury Davis, and the great speeches he provides for the attendees.

Senior Pastor Davis of Cornerstone Church in Nashville

The Senior Pastor Davis was previously arrested in a murder case in which he was sentenced to 20 years in jail. He was lost but after finding God during his sentence, he was miraculously released after serving only 8 years. This was truly a miracle of God. Pastor Davis stabbed and killed Jo Ella Liles in the year of 1975, which was the awful event that sent him to jail. It was in jail where Pastor Davis discovered Jesus and his forgiveness and was released.

Slowly but surely, Pastor David worked on the church and made it was it is today, the most popular and most sought after church in Nashville.

Preaching at the Cornerstone Church

The church attracts many people, mainly because of Pastor Davis’ inspiring speeches and stories. If you visit the uplifting church you’ll quickly understand why so many people love it here and why it has become a popular gathering place for people who want to learn about the will of God.